Cisco Cloud Status

Use the following tools to check the current status of services and components for Cisco's cloud-based Webex, Cloud Security, Data Center, and IoT offerings.

Cisco Cloud Collaboration
  Cisco Webex   Status for Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, and Webex Messenger
  Webex Calling   Status for Webex Calling (formerly Cisco Broadcloud and Broadcloud Carrier), Cisco Journey Platform (CJP, formerly known as Broadsoft CC-One), and Broadcloud with UC-One
  Webex Education Connector, Webex Classrooms   Displays the status, response times and past incidents for Webex Education Connector and Webex Classrooms

Cisco Cloud IoT
  IoT Kinetic Cloud   Status for the IoT Kinetic Cloud supporting GMM (Gateway Management Module), EFM (Edge and Fog Processing Module), and DCM (Data Control Module) with subscription option

Cisco Cloud Security
  Cloud Email Security (CES)   Status and maintenance for Cloud Email Security (CES) components by region, with 90-Day history and subscription option
  Defense Orchestrator (CDO)   Status for Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO), with 30-day history and subscription option
  Malware Analytics Cloud   Status for Cisco Secure Malware Analytics (formerly ThreatGrid) public clouds in North America and Europe, with 90-day history available
  Secure Access by Duo   Displays the status and past incidents for Duo’s various deployments
  Secure Cloud Analytics   Status, system metrics and history for Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch Cloud)
  Secure Endpoint   Formerly AMP (Advanced Malware Protection), displays status for Secure Endpoint public clouds in North America, Europe and APJC
  Secure Web Appliance   Formerly WSA, Cisco Secure Web Appliance provides multiple ways to automatically detect and block web-based threats
  SecureX Sign-on (SxSO)   Status for easy access to all Cisco Security products with one set of credentials in SecureX
  SecureX Status   Status for SecureX clouds and SecureX Orchestration process automation feature, that connect the Cisco Secure portfolio in North America, Europe and APJ, as well as SecureX Security Services Exchange related to Device, Service, and Event Management for integrated Cisco security products
  Umbrella   Status, maintenance, and history for Cisco Umbrella by region with subscription option

Cisco Data Center
  Cisco Intersight   Status for Cisco Intersight SaaS service, including its Analytics, Core, Device Connector, and Identity Management services, with 90-day history and subscription option

Cisco Enterprise Networking & Cloud
  Cisco DNA Spaces   Status of the DNA Spaces cloud and applications across EU and RoW regions, with 90-day maintenance history visibility across all subscription and offer types

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