Cisco Servers - Unified Computing System (UCS)

Modernize your infrastructure with Cisco's latest computing solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of applications.

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Level up with Cisco Intersight

Realize enhanced capabilities

Utilize the complete Intersight services portfolio to control and manage your apps wherever they are.

Unlock next-level superpowers

Power up your Cisco UCS Manager (UCSM) to simplify and scale your infrastructure.

Streamline operations

Configure and deploy your Cisco UCS and HyperFlex systems with ease to level-up your business operations.

With Cisco UCS you can...

Simplify systems management

Cisco Intersight provides the benefits of SaaS management and proactive support for Cisco UCS and Cisco HyperFlex.

Supercharge your apps

Cisco UCS rack servers offers better application performance to improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Streamline infrastructure

Cisco UCS combines industry-standard servers, networking, and storage access into a single unified system.

Find the best server products for you

UCS X-Series Modular System

Operational efficiency, agility, and scale for hybrid cloud infrastructure

UCS B-Series Blade Servers

Versatility and density for a wide range of physical and virtual workloads

UCS C-Series Rack Servers

Address workload challenges with a balance of processor, memory, I/O, and internal storage

UCS management software

Manage servers, networks, storage, and converged infrastructure

UCS S-Series Storage Server

Modular, high-density, high-availability, storage-optimized server

Fabric interconnects and extenders

Unifies computing, networking, and management resources into a cohesive system for UCS servers


Deliver data at extreme rates with VICs, and leading vendor adapters, GPUs, and more

UCS E-Series for ISR routers

Simplifies the branch with a converged compute, network, and virtualization-ready platform

Cisco UCS X-Series receives ESG Validation

See how Cisco UCS X-Series can help simplify hardware upgrades, increase efficiency, and optimize IT infrastructure. 

Cisco+ Hybrid Cloud

Optimize workloads across a hybrid cloud for superior performance and great value, with flexible consumption for your on-premises infrastructure.

Drive results with Cisco Customer Experience

Simplify your operations and optimize your computing infrastructure with expert guidance, proven experience, best practices, and innovative tools.

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  Cisco HyperFlex or Cisco UCS systems with Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor

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