Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Explore our monthlong roster of events, activities, and educational content.

Be cybersmart

Discover resources that will help educate you and your families about cybersecurity best practices.

5 Best Practices to Secure Your Hybrid Workforce

Experts highlight the five best practices that analysts can use to help keep their hybrid workforce safe.

Four basic steps to #BeCyberSmart

Whether you want to be cybersavvy or pursue a career in cybersecurity, here are four steps to take today.

Why don't you go dox yourself?

This step-by-step guide makes protecting yourself online easy, accessible, and maybe even fun.

Explore cybersecurity careers

Here are some resources that we hope will inspire and promote the exploration of cybersecurity careers. 

Creating safe spaces in cybersecurity

People across the cybersecurity industry share their insights into mental health and avoiding burnout.

Build a safer, cybersecure data environment

Secure your status as a cyber defender with Cisco training and certifications. 

Pivoting into cybersecurity mid-career

It is never too late to start a career in cybersecurity. 

Defend against threats

Learn how to defend against cyberthreats with our threat-centric content.

Data transparency's essential role in trust (PDF)

Learn how individuals perceive top privacy concerns in the Cisco 2022 Consumer Privacy Survey.

Learn how Cisco Secure DDoS Protection protects the network and helps ensure availability under attack.

Protecting against insider threats

Learn how to best prepare your network and employees for insider threats. 

Expand your cybersecurity knowledge

Expand your cybersecurity knowledge beyond the basics with industry news, thought-leadership content, product-focused materials, and more.

Introducing "NEXT" by Cisco Secure

Preview our new video series showcasing the next generation of tech and how to secure it.

Decipher Security Podcast: Sean Zadig

Sean Zadig, CISO of Yahoo and head of the Paranoids, talks about thinking about security critically. 

From MFA to Zero Trust

Five easy phases to secure your workforce with Zero Trust.


Unhackable Podcast: Phishing

This Unhackable mini-cast covers the third step to being cybersmart: How to recognize and report phishing.

We're changemakers, too

Listen to our interview of global and industry recognized thought leader, Confidence Staveley.

Fight back against the phish

Jaeson Schultz, Talos's spam and phish expert, breaks down spam emails, phone calls, and messages.

Events and webinars

Webinar: How to Secure Your Mobile Device

Thanks to smartphones, access to sensitive information now easily fits in the palms of our hands.

Webinar: Bad Actors Aren't Just in Hollywood

How are you protecting your cloud users and data from bad actors in cyberspace?

Webinar: Click or Treat?

Learn how not to fall for a phishing attack this Halloween.

Cisco Secure offers

See, try, or buy a Cisco Secure Firewall

See, try, or buy a Cisco Secure Firewall solution designed to protect your security foundation. 

Cisco Umbrella free trial

Cisco Umbrella's cloud-delivered security is the easiest way to protect your users everywhere in minutes.

Start your free Cisco Secure Access by Duo trial

Get simple, powerful access security that is designed to protect your organization's data at scale.

Cisco zero-trust workshops

Join our security experts for hands-on workshops and learn how to successfully adopt a zero-trust strategy.

Evaluate your cybersecurity posture

Assess your cybersecurity health and learn how to improve security resilience in minutes.